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At Sports Coaching Ltd we understand that as a PE Co-ordinator your priority is to develop skill levels of all children throughout your school. All Sports Coaching Ltd staff deliver high quality lesson plans that are differentiated to meet the needs of all children within each class.


Sports Coaching Ltd staff will not only deliver fun, interactive and engaging lessons but will also incorporate positive strategies and school rewards to engage all children within each PE lesson. Children can be assessed on a termly basis through AFL to track their PE progression throughout the year and provide your school with specific PE reports. Sports Coaching Ltd can also offer Extra Curricular Clubs in addition to your PPA Cover to provide a complete PE solution for you.


"We have been working with Sports Coaching limited for a number of years now and are very pleased with the service they provide - each of the teachers who have worked with us have been enthusiastic and committed and have brought the children a good mix of challenge and enjoyment during their physical education lessons.  We are also grateful that these teachers have been open to adapting their practice to suit our unique needs and we have found the administrative arm of the company attentive, transparent and consistently supportive".


Ben Mearhart (Joint Headteacher), LaScuola Italiana a Londra 


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